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Midland County Public Library Reconnects With The Community  

Midland Reporter-Telegram, December 2015


The decision to call the Midland County Public Library the Organization of the Year in 2015 is as much about what it is doing as what it has done. The efforts of current leadership, including Trischitti, the Texas Library Association’s Librarian of the Year in 2014, Edward McPherson -- program and education coordinator -- and others have again made the local library viable, relevant and innovative for its users in our community, and that is something Midland needs. Midlanders need a connection not only to the books but the entire collection of information the library offers. A more informed and educated community is a better community.

“Some will see what MCPL has done in the last five years, with the Centennial library, exhibits, speakers, Project Literacy, and other successes as the culmination of our work,” Trischitti said, “but I see it as just the beginning of what we can accomplish.”

Arts Council Midland recognizes volunteers, presents $120,000 in grants  

Midland Reporter-Telegram, October 2014


One of the grant recipients was the Midland County Public Library, which received $16,000. Part of that funding will be used to purchase the exhibit “Chimpazee Challenge,” which is in the form of a maze, said Edward McPherson, the library’s program and education coordinator.

“The maze will follow the life of a chimpanzee, and kids will have to make the right decision to get that chimp to adulthood,” he said.

The exhibit is made of aluminum scaffolding from which are hung vinyl panels bearing the exhibit’s content. That content was created with the help of the Jane Goodall Institute, McPherson said.

Speed Cubing Goes Viral in Midland Schools

Midland Reporter-Telegram, April 2015


The passion the kids displayed drew attention from beyond parents and PTA. By the end of the competition, Midland County Public Library Program Director Edward McPherson was inspired enough to announce that the library would henceforth be facilitating monthly cubing meetups.


“The library feels like one of its roles in the community is to reflect community interests,” McPherson said. “So for the library to host a group of some of Midland’s youngest residents, an activity like cubing is right up our alley. Going into the summer months, it’s really important that we’re providing opportunities in the community for kids to do things that will be productive.”


Educator Passes on Importance of Philanthropy

Midland Reporter-Telegram, October 2014


“When considering Midland’s most philanthropically influential residents, one person may be missing from many of our lists, Julia Vickery,” wrote Edward McPherson, education and program coordinator for the Midland Public Library, in his nomination of Vickery. “Julia is responsible for ensuring that the philanthropic culture of Midland is passed from generation to generation, no small task. Her success in this role is clear.”

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